Our Commitment

We care about each child as an individual and strive to nurture them in a safe environment.

Why Choose Kingswood?

Canada’s top English language & activity program

  • Excellent and experienced Summer Language camp operators
  • Head office in Vancouver Canada with multilingual year-round staff with a 24-hour contact turnaround
  • Entry placement and exit tests
  • Workbooks for continued at-home education
  • Certified teachers qualified to teach English as a foreign language
  • 24-hour emergency contact phone number available during all programs
  • Beautiful College and University Campuses with the best accommodation, amenities and activity facilities
  • Opportunities to explore the natural wonders of Canada’s westernmost province with exciting and safe excursions
  • Safety of students is our No.1 priority
  • Programs and activities that are time-tested and proven to help students improve English skills, make friends from all around the world, learn leadership skills and develop self-confidence which will enhance their future careers

A Day at Kingswood

English Classes

Kingswood’s summer programs include 20 hours of English classes per week, four hours in the morning from Monday to Friday. Students are assigned classes based on English abilities and age. Oral skills are emphasized through conversation, while teachers also include grammar, reading and writing skills. Designed by Kingswood, the curriculum strictly follows the syllabus of "Language Canada" with weekly themes for each programming. These may include Canadian heritage and history, multiculturalism, ecosystems and leadership through English interaction.

Interactive Classes, Activities & Cultural Experience

Kingswood teachers are Language Canada certified with backgrounds teaching ESL in different parts of the world. Through interactive classes and activities, they focus on increasing oral communication in English in 20 hours of class per week.

Outings & Events

Students will visit local world renowned landmarks and attractions and take part in activities such as canoeing, hiking, horseback riding and whale-watching. There is also a minimum of one full day and 2 half day excursions each and every week. On the evenings on which students are on campus, they will be encouraged to take part in games and activities that emphasize team-building, self-reflection through conversational English.

As part of the Kingswood curriculum, counsellors oversee outings and events after the school day is done. Our counselors come from a variety of backgrounds, including education, recreation and counseling, and are trained and supervised within the British Columbia Summer Camp Association guidelines. With core Kingswood values such as kindness and patience, they are well-equipped to work with youth from around the world. Counsellors live on-site to provide 24-hour care and supervision.

Campuses / Accommodations

Kingswood offers three locations for students, as well as a homestay opportunity. All locations are surrounded by or near beautiful natural surroundings. Students live in residences that are normally occupied by boarding school and university students, and have access to facilities such as lounges, tennis courts, swimming pools, sports fields and more.

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