Brentwood Collage Campus, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Victoria

The “Better Vancouver”
Breathtaking, serene, and safest place on Earth!


Located a hop, skip and ferry ride from Vancouver, Vancouver Island embraces the diversity and multicultural philosophy of Canada and the province of British Columbia.

Home to the provincial capital of Victoria, Vancouver Island offers urban amenities surrounded by nature.

Kingswood has partnered with one of Canada’s most prestigious institutions.

Brentwood College School is recognized internationally for the quality of their program and facility.

Brentwood Collage Campus
Vancouver Island

Brentwood College

Brentwood College boasts over a kilometer of its own private waterfront and is internationally regarded as Canada’s leading boarding school.

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Program Details

Both Junior English with Multi Activity and Global Teen program are available for our Vancouver Island Program.

Upon arrival, students will take the ferry tour to Victoria on a ride filled with adventure and stunning views.

This elite program includes four hours of English classes in the morning Monday-to-Friday along with class projects, debates and inter-class activities that emphasize communication skills.

Students are assigned classes based on English abilities after taking their entry placement tests upon arrival. Oral skills are emphasized, while teachers also include grammar, reading and writing skills resulting in record performance by the students.

The curriculum follows the syllabus of the internationally recognized association Languages Canada. All teachers are screened and certified ESL instructors.

With the expertise of Kingswood’s teachers, students develop their language skills, build confidence and foster a love of language while enjoying themselves safely in a foreign country.

Students will visit local landmarks and attractions and take part in activities such as canoeing, horse riding and leadership (including an optional Equestrian Riding and Leadership Program), hiking, whale-watching and much more. 

 There is also two half-days and one full-day excursion each week. In the evenings, students are encouraged to take part in games that emphasize team-building and self-reflection. 

All activities are supervised by our highly qualified and trained counselors following the British Columbia Camps Association guidelines.

All Kingswood counselors live on-site to provide 24-hour care and supervision. Students have access to all amenities at the world-class campus facilities.


Sample Schedule

4 Week Sample English and Multi Activity Schedule

This is a sample schedule only. It is subject to change.