Pre-Arrival Information

Children under 14 are permitted to travel alone to Vancouver provided that special arrangements have been made in advance with the airline. Parents or guardians of children travelling alone will need to make arrangements with the airline for their child to be supervised during travel to and from Vancouver. Most airlines will arrange for attendants to accompany children travelling alone through customs and to help them board their flights. Please note that airlines normally charge an additional fee for Unaccompanied Minor Service. The airline must also be notified in advance that a Kingswood representative will be meeting the child at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Students will be met at the airport arrivals area by a Kingswood representative. Representatives will be easy to identify because they will be wearing Kingswood t-shirts and holding a large Kingswood sign. From the airport, students will travel directly to UBC to check-in and meet their Counsellors.

Parents will receive a confirmation email on the day of arrival to let them know that their child has arrived safely. Please ensure your email is written correctly on the Flight Information Form.

Students are advised to leave all unnecessary valuables at home, including expensive electronic devices, watches or jewellery. The Kingswood office is equipped with a locked safe in which students may keep their valuables, but items stored in the safe can only be accessed at set times. Students are advised to keep their dorm rooms doors locked at all times. Kingswood is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen while students are participating in our programs.

During the program, $50-$70 CAD per week should be enough spending money for each student. For security, it is recommended that students arrive with only a small amount of cash and that they carry the bulk of their funds as insured traveller’s cheques. Students can store their funds in the school safe.

When they arrive, students should present their tickets and passports to Kingswood office staff for safekeeping. If these items are not placed in the care of the office staff on arrival, loss or replacement of these documents will be the responsibility of students and parents.

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