Valle De Bravo, Mexico Summer Program

“Exciting Canadian village prep camp has arrived to safe tranquil and scenic Valle De Bravo”


Located just west of Mexico City, this preserved Colonial town is capital of recreation for Mexico City elite. Valle De Bravo is a town on Lake Avandaro, and is a center for culture, history, water sports and butterflies.
One of the safest and most beautiful places in Mexico. Kingswood has partner with Kin Camp and Rosmarino Piedras Duras.

Kingswood has partnered with one of Canada’s most prestigious institutions.

Brentwood College School is recognized internationally for the quality of their program and facility.



Total Immersion Canadian Language Camp

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Program Details

Both Junior English with Multi Activity and Global Teen program are available for our Vancouver Island Program.

A CAMP LIKE NO OTHER, Canadian Village Camps is a totally unique Canadian experience program immersing young Mexican students ages 7-14 years of age. Two week minimum residential Camp only.

No expense will be spared in the delivery of this two week minimum residential program. Ensuring the best outcome for the students. WE BRING CANADA TO YOU. Students will receive their own Kingswood passport.

Empahsis will be placed on practical use of the language and TOTAL immersion with CVC in small groups, mother tongue being Canadian English with both educational and activity staff.


 Learning in action with fun and prepare the student to travel abroad in the future..

The students will gain knowledge of fundamental English Language and knowledgable about Canadian culture, creating a broader global future for the students. French language is a bonus to the our Curriculum.

The Canadian Partner will create the program, curriculum, handbook, and provide all course materials as well as schedule of exciting daily ”English in Action” activities/entertainment/ environment, Costumes and Props, uniforms, menu, site branding of actually being in Canada, recruitment and training of staff. Our top priority is maintaining a safe and secure camp environment!

All staff teachers and Counsellors are 100% Canadians teaching the most universal English language in the world. A unique and fully immersive english language experience!

Sensory activities paired with an interactive and fun-filled canadian culture based curriculum which creates a learning environment that is one of a kind. Opportunities for campers to explore Canada and while mastering the english language and provides students with a broader global future and greater opportunities for future avels and prospective careers.

This program offers students global education, culture with language, experience and travel while staying at home!


Sample Schedule

This is a sample schedule only. It is subject to change.