Pre-Arrival Information

Can children under the age of 14 travel alone to Vancouver?
Yes, but parents or guardians need to notify the airline, and an unaccompanied minor will need supervision for their travel to and from Vancouver. The airline will arrange for an attendant to help the child through customs and with boarding. When arranging for this special service, the airline also needs to be informed that a Kingswood representative will be picking up the child from the Vancouver International Airport. An unaccompanied minor service fee will apply through the airline for both ways and should be paid for in advance of coming to Vancouver.
Who will meet the students at the Vancouver International Airport?
A Kingswood representative will be waiting at Arrivals. They will be wearing an official Kingswood t-shirt and holding a large Kingswood sign. Students will be escorted directly to the University of British Columbia where they will check-in and meet their Counselor.
How will parents know that their children have arrived safely?
Kingswood will confirm with parents via email on the day of arrival that their child has arrived safely. Emails to receive the confirmation must be completed on the Flight Information Form.
How will students keep their money and valuables safe?
Students are advised not to bring unnecessary valuables, such as expensive watches or jewelry. However, a locked safe in the Kingswood office is available for students to keep valuables if required. Such valuables will only be available for use a few times per week at set times. It is constantly advised to students that they lock their dorm door at all times. Kingswood will not be responsible for lost or stolen items during the students’ participation in the program.
How much money should students bring?
$50-$75 CAD per week should be sufficient for spending money. Additional cash for emergencies is also recommended. Kingswood recommends that students bring most of their funds in the form of insured traveler’s cheques, with only a small amount of cash. Specified times are available for students to cash traveler’s cheques and withdraw a portion of the cash that they can choose upon check-in to be kept safe by the school.
Who keeps the student’s airline ticket and passport?
Upon arrival, students should submit their ticket and passport to Kingswood’s office staff, or to their accompanying chaperone who will be staying in the residences. If these documents are not submitted upon arrival, the loss or misplacement of these documents will be the student’s and parent’s responsibility.

Safety and contacts

How can parents contact their child during the program?
Parents can leave a message online on the Parent Database or call the Kingswood office. Staff will deliver the message to the student during a break period in the program.
How can students call home?
Phones are available in the Student Lounges. There are also pay phones on campus. Long-distance calling cards can be purchased from Kingswood for $6 CAD. Counselors will help their students call home during free time, primarily in the evenings after returning from their outing.
What if a friend or relative wants to visit and/or take students off-campus?
To authorize friends or relatives who would like to visit and take students off-campus for personal outings, parents or guardians need to fill out the Parental Consent Form. Advance notice must be provided of a student leaving. Students need to check-out/in at the Kingswood office on their departure and return.
What happens if a student becomes ill or gets hurt?
Kingswood arranges medical insurance coverage for all students for the duration of their program. In the case of sickness, accident, injury or emergency, Kingswood staff will accompany the student to receive medical attention. There is a hospital nearby all program locations.
Can my child bring a mobile/cell phone to camp?
Yes. All mobile phones will be collected and securely stored on arrival with access granted for family communication.

Accommodations & Living

How secure are the dormitories?
Only authorized personnel and students are given keys to the dormitories. Students are assigned Counselors who stay in the same dormitory area as their students. In addition, a Dormitory Manager is on duty in the evenings and on weekends in the event of an emergency and to assist with other issues. Security guards patrol the university grounds at night.
Can students choose their type of dormitory room?
The dormitory room assignments are arranged by several factors including gender, age category and mixed nationalities. Furthermore, Counselors require a room near their student group. As such, students will not be able to submit requests for room selections or allocations; Kingswood is unable to accommodate these requests.
Where do the students eat and where can they buy food?
Students are provided three meals, usually from a Kingswood cafeteria (except in the cases of Homestay students) and an evening snack every day. Packed lunches or dinners will be provided on some outings. There are also BBQs and special dinners provided as part of the program itineraries. Snacks outside of meals times can be purchased at stores, restaurants and vending machines. Each program residence location is situated near these amenities. Students are not permitted to visit these locations without the supervision of their Counselor.
How do students do their laundry?
Counselors are provided with laundry cards for machines in the dormitories. Students will be provided with laundry detergent and assisted by their Counselors in doing their laundry on a regular basis.
What personal living items will be provided for students by Kingswood?
Kingswood will provide students with bedding for their dormitory room. The bedding will be cleaned regularly. All students are expected to bring their own towels and toiletries. In the event that an item is lost or forgotten, Counselors can help students purchase such an item on one of their off-campus outings.

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