Admissions Overview

Summer Camp Canada 2024 application payment deadline is June 14th.


Kingswood Student Rules & Regulations

1. Students must arrive at the meeting poles at the assigned times to meet their teachers and/or counsellors. Students must inform staff of their whereabouts at all times.

2. Absence from program activities will be permitted in cases of sickness, injury or personal circumstances. Students or parents should inform Kingswood staff if they are not already aware of the student’s situation.

3. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves at all times. Please help us keep the bathrooms, student lounges, cafeteria and other common areas tidy.

4. Bedtimes are as follows (please follow the times for your age group):Children (under 13): 10 pm Teens: 10:30 pm (teens are also asked to respect the quiet hours from 9 pm to 8 am)

5. Students are only allowed to meet in the supervised common areas. Boys are girls are not permitted to be in each other’s residences.

6. Public displays of affection between students should be appropriate and kept to a minimum.

7. Kingswood does not tolerate any acts or behaviours that endanger the safety and well-being of staff or other students

8. Smoking, gambling or possession of alcohol, illegal substances or weapons of any kind are not permitted under any circumstances.

9. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated by Kingswood staff. Any instances of physical and verbal bullying will be immediately addressed.

10. Hurtful and/or threatening behaviour directed towards teachers, staff or other students is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Such behaviour includes hurtful, mean or threatening comments and gestures.

11. A $300 cash damage deposit must be submitted to Kingswood on arrival (unless one has already been provided). The deposit will be returned on completion of the program provided that all keys and other Kingswood property have been returned and there has been no intentional damage to the facilities on the part of the student.

12. Activating a fire alarm in a non-emergency situation is illegal in Canada. If any student activates a fire alarm in a non-emergency situation, their $300 damage deposit will be forfeited.

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