36 Years Operating Summer Language Camps

Join the most trusted name in educational language summer programs for international youth ages 7-17 on world-renowned campuses.

Kingswood Canada offers unique Canadian educational experiences.
Our two distinct age-structured programs welcome students at three distinct locations in British Columbia, Canada: Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and Whistler/Squamish.

For 36 years, the original founders of Kingswood have delivered education-and fun-filled programs and unforgettable life experiences to thousands of students from all over the world.

The "Junior English and Multi Activity” Program is geared for students ages 7-12 years old. In this program, they will learn essential language skills while taking part in recreational and social activities and excursions. Students will experience Canadian culture in a safe environment with a smaller student-to-counselor ratio than our other program.

The “Global Teen” Program is geared to students ages 13-17 years old. Here, they will learn conversational English skills with peers in small group project interaction. They will also take part in confidence and leadership-building exercises as well as immersive experiences in daily Canadian culture. These experiences are designed to ensure the safety of all our students.

In Kingswood Study Camp’s University and College Summer Programs, students will improve their English, make lifelong friends, take part in skill-building activities, and explore the wonders of Canada’s most natural and eco-friendly province. These experiences have been proven to effectively enhance future careers.

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Why Choose Kingswood?

Canada’s top English language & activity program

  • Over 35 years operating experience in Summer Language Activity Camps with excellence
  • Head office in Vancouver Canada with multilingual year-round staff with a 24-hour contact turnaround
  • Entry placement and exit tests
  • Workbooks for continued at-home education
  • Certified teachers qualified to teach English as a foreign language
  • 24-hour emergency contact phone number available during all programs
  • Beautiful College and University Campuses with the best accommodation, amenities and activity facilities
  • Opportunities to explore the natural wonders of Canada’s westernmost province with exciting and safe excursions
  • Safety of students is our No.1 priority
  • Programs and activities that are time-tested and proven to help students improve English skills, make friends from all around the world, learn leadership skills and develop self-confidence which will enhance their future careers

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